Bluetooth Siren and Passive Keyless Entry Systems

Release of a Bluetooth Low Energy Siren and Passive Keyless Entry System for DS4 systems, enhancing options for its breakthrough digital remote start and security system. The Bluetooth siren is designed for installation in the engine bay with no need to run wires through the firewall. The Passive Keyless Entry system, enabled by Directed’s Bluetooth Proxi-sensor technology and DS4’s Bluetooth capability, provides passive keyless entry from a smartphone to any vehicle. These new accessories are compatible only with Directed’s line of DS4 systems.

Directed SVP of Product Development and Technical Services, James Turner, commented, “We’re very excited to add to our already celebrated line of DS4 accessories. The Bluetooth Siren and Bluetooth Proxi-sensor deliver exciting new capabilities and will be two of the most innovative products in the market.”

Installer feedback drove the development of the Bluetooth siren design. Details such as hood pin and tachometer input at the siren and the built-in backup battery incorporated views from the field. Installations can be completed much faster because there is no need to run wires through the firewall. The siren also features programmable tones and outputs at 110dB.

The Bluetooth LE Proxi-sensor allows passive keyless entry on any DS4-equipped vehicle. A driver needs only to approach the vehicle with their smartphone to have it automatically unlock via Bluetooth. The systems senses entry and exit to automatically lock, unlock, or release the trunk/tailgate. The sensor features a long-life battery and a no wire installation. Installers just mount the sensor and pair it with DS4. Multiple sensors can be used to allow access from different parts of a vehicle.

New Xtreme Digital Range Control Center for the DS4

The Control Center functions as a system’s antenna and includes a valet button and high-visibility security LEDs.

Directed SVP of Product Development and Technical Services, James Turner, commented, “We’re very excited to add to our already celebrated line of DS4 accessories. The XDR Control Center reflects our continuing goal of using installer and consumer feedback to deliver the best solutions in the industry.”

This antenna is a revolutionary design that incorporates a high efficient Omni-directional printed antenna and a small amplifier to not only improve the range by up to two times the current design, but also quicken the vehicle-to-remote response time. Directed tuned the antenna to perform at the highest level in any environment.

The Control Center has been upgraded by placing two high-visibility security LEDs on either side of the case. Installer feedback revealed difficulty in seeing the LED from the driver’s seat when programing or trouble shooting the system. This change will improve that experience and will provide higher visibility to would be thieves. Once again, Directed’s ‘By Installers, For Installers’ credo drove the design by incorporating real-world installer feedback in product improvements.

The XDR Control Center communicates via D2D 2.0 and is compatible with Directed’s line of DS4 systems. The Control Center is backwards-compatible with all of Directed’s 900MHz remotes which includes their most popular models such as the Viper 7756V LCD rechargeable, Viper 7857V LED rechargeable, and Viper 7816V 2-way 1-button remote.

The XDR Control Center will start shipping in Q2 as part of all Directed DS4 systems and RF systems.

L7R Subwoofer


The L7R’s powerful motor delivers big bass, while utilizing next-level thermal management for optimal performance. The UniPlate™ solid pole piece & backplate construction ensure the sub stays cool, even under extreme power loads.


Full 360-degree back bracing keeps the entire cone strong and stable for smooth, distortion-free bass.


Dual voice coils come standard on all L7R models, for ultimate wiring flexibility. Get the highest possible power out of your amp.

The Viper Powersports Security System was specifically designed and engineered for motorcycles, ATVs, boats, PWCs, and snowmobiles. Compact and waterproof, the Viper Powersports Security System features two small and easy-to-carry, 2-button waterproof remotes.

The security system features a closed loop trigger, which is perfect for protecting helmets and other valuables. Once the closed loop trigger is broken, the Viper Powersports Security System will activate. Additional features include an onboard shock & tilt sensor, extra trigger input, and auxiliary output. The system carries an IP66 rating.


Small, water resistant alarm for motorcycles, ATVs, boats, and more

Small 2-button Waterproof Remote

Shock and Tilt Sensor onboard

Extra Trigger Input

Auxiliary output

Loop Trigger for protecting helmets and other valuables (if loop is broken, alarm triggers)


Main Module with wiring

2 2-Button 1-Way remotes

Miniature, Water Resistant Siren


TB Loaded Enclosures

Loaded Enclosures

Great bass form a tiny space! The KICKER TB Sub Enclosures deliver serious bump from any corner of your trunk, or even behind your truck’s seat.


An innovative aluminum bracket system allows the TB to be mounted with ease: horizontally or vertically. Put it anywhere. In nearly any vehicle. Now you have the flexibility to install your sub, your way.


A modern take on an old-school classic, the TB features thick ABS construction, and comes equipped with both an active CompR woofer on one end, and a Reflex Sub on the other. You get louder, deeper bass that you can mount almost anywhere.


The CompR sub mounted in the TB features a powerful ceramic magnet, an advanced suspension and superior heat management system for big bass and long life on the road. Our signature double red stitching creates an outstanding bond between the Santoprene® surround and Polypropylene woofer cone for reliable performance under extreme conditions. KICKER’s SoloKon™ technology joins the cone to the vented back brace – both cooling the motor and eliminating distortion for clean, smooth bass. You get all this CompR innovation and technology is in every TB.


The all-weather TB loves to play outdoors. Hook it up on your boat, UTV or Jeep for fun on the trail, in the water or at the dunes. It keeps pounding as hard as you want – wherever you want.


Made with the same surround and cone materials as the active sub, the Reflex Subwoofer is mounted on the opposite side of the TB – creating even deeper, louder bass.


The DS4 is the entrance to the new technology that is growing more and more in the engineering of automobiles. Why is it novel? Because it is better ?.
Well, it is simply a completely digital system, which uses the data interface to achieve a more stable and secure connection with the BCM and PCM of current cars, thus guaranteeing its performance and stability in performance.
Increasingly, the technology they incorporate into cars is more aggressive, so much so that the mechanical parts of cars have almost been completely replaced by electronic sensors, which are driven by computers.
That is why this DS4 system reaches the highest levels in the expectations of a secure data interface for the most optimal and safe operation, for that reason it is considered one of the best car alarm system, do not wait any longer to acquire one.

T-Harnesses for DS4 Family of Products

T-Harnesses for the DS4 and DS4+ systems. These T-Harnesses will significantly reduce the time and complexity of remote start system installations.

The THFON1, THNIN3, and THHYN3 provides coverage for Ford, Nissan, and Hyundai/Kia vehicles respectively when used in conjunction with DS4+ systems. Additionally the THNIN3 is compatible with Directed’s new DS4 product. The installation experience is now simplified and highly streamlined, thanks to the utilization of OEM-compatible connectors. Directed’s state-of-the-art firmware supports a full 90% of all 2007 to 2018 vehicle models. The end result is superior performance, wider coverage and a range of cutting-edge features. Together, these factors make Directed the industry’s go-to resource for the greatest selection of firmware and T-Harness solutions.

In addition, the connection interface is more optimized and more compatible in the convention, not needing to add cables if not only assembling the factory harness with the T-Harness.