Apple CarPlay and Android Auto makes it easier than ever to navigate, communicate and play music on the road. Just connect to the XAV-AX5000 to see everything you need on the large touch screen. Get directions in real time without ever taking your hands off the wheel. Easily navigate to your destination, or search for nearby stops mid-journey.
Tell Siri where you’re going, and it will give you real-time directions as you drive.

Viper Connect New Technology

Directed announced its newest and most innovative connected car product: Viper Connect. The all-new Viper Connect is the easiest way to add stand-alone monitoring and tracking features to vehicles through a simple OBDII port installation. Viper Connect also pairs with existing DS4 or DS4+ systems to enable the full suite of connected car functionality of Directed’s SmartStart systems.

“Viper Connect is a major advance in our connected car product portfolio,” said Geoff Weathersby, VP Connected Car at Directed. “The Viper Connect is versatile – it offers the most seamless, stand-alone connected car experience of any product in the last ten years, perfect for monitoring teenage drivers or tracking valuable vehicles. But the ability to couple Viper Connect with DS4 to enable full SmartStart functionality is what really sets this product apart.”

Directed has created connected car systems for over a decade and has seen enormous recent success with its Viper SmartStart Pro. Viper Connect makes SmartStart Pro technology available in an easy-to-install OBDII form factor. Viper Connect uses built-in GPS and cellular to locate and control customers’ vehicles. Viper Connect is perfect for parents of teenage drivers who are looking for peace of mind. In stand-alone mode Viper Connect features SmartFence, Speed and Security Alerts to encourage safe driving.

Viper Connect can also be paired with Directed’s DS4 and DS4+ systems, an easy way to add cellular connectivity to DS4 systems. With Viper Connect and DS4, customers can lock and unlock, remote start, and check the status of their vehicles from practically anywhere in the world.


Remote Start System which I need and what difference there is between the systems

There is a variety of Remote Start Viper for every need and performance, the systems are changing from Analoga to Digital, which means that the evolution of the new systems of the new cars is more impressive every day, we are seeing how the technology is changing more for the safety of each user in the handling of these new cars, this technology is more and more digital more and more, now most cars have backup sensors that serve to warn if there is a person in the back of the car , and many models have an extra sensor integrated so that the car stops by itself without the need for the user to press the brake, and like this there is much more that indicates that only the systems that evolve can continue working with these cars, Viper is a company that is at the forefront of technology developing new systems for these sophisticated cars, Viper has developed the new technology with DS4 taking it to ot The level of coupling closer to the factory with the new T-Harness that only connect with the factory harnesses and then the DS4 device, making the complete connection to later be able to flash the DS4 device and configure its use.
This new product DS4 is at the forefront of technology, obtaining a safer connection and an easier interface for the customer as for the installer, the best option for new cars is DS4, taking into account that it is the newest technology we can highlight the DS4 as the best option in Remote Boot Systems and security systems.
Another reason to obtain it is because of its ease of making an upgrade kit to turn it into a security system, we can also add controls to improve the range between the car and the control, however it is also accessible to connect the Smart Start with the one that can The customer has total control of the car anywhere in the United States.

Digital Media Reciver




Mechless multimedia receiver with high-definition digital touch screen LCD with 6.2 “touch LED backlight, Apple CarPlay ™, direct USB control for most iPhones and iPod with 1 A charge, built-in Bluetooth, 240-watt MOSFET (60×4 ), 7 EQ presets, 10-band equalizer and a backup camera input, high-quality technology at a low cost, and best of all, it’s a secure interface without delays or Freeze software. to choose to have better technology at a reatively low price but with high quality components.

The Key Smart Amplifier


Don’t just make your system louder – make it clearer. Make it better…

Press the selector, and the microphone goes to work. The KEY uses a powerful internal computer to deliver dramatic improvements in realism and soundstage. A massive 40-band equalizer improves tonality, and a 24dB crossover re-defines the capabilities of each speaker.

The concert quality of your factory stereo is revealed! What would take hours for a professional to achieve happens in a matter of minutes. All automatically. All with the press of a single button.

Start with these free test tones for easy setup!

f the temperature reaches the threshold, the KEY180.4’s dynamic power-management algorithms kick into gear! Instead of hearing the amplifier’s volume “pumping” or blowing a fuse – KEY technology engages a nearly inaudible limiter/compressor, applied only to the peaks of the music for as little as milliseconds at a time. The amplifier quickly cools, which deactivates the compressor. Music returns to its full dynamic range without a moment’s interruption! Another novelty of kicker sound system.

This small amplifier provides a great sound that apparently due to the size one is left with doubts if it will be layers of providing high quality in the voice, well for surprise let them tell you that if you really manage to expand the sound with a high quality of voice and clarity in the sound, very good I recommend it to greatly improve the sound with Factory Head Units.


The most complete technology designed by Viper, a new concept in digital connection in which it links with the BCM and PCM acquiring virtual access to the options of opening close doors, monitoring the status of puewrtas, trunk and other …
With new frimwares that each time you adapt more digitally to each cohe of a great list of Brands and Models.